A screenshotof my death knight on her journey to receive the Maw of the Damned; somewhere on a Legion-infested world

Pretty much ever since Legion launched, a rumour circulates that at the end of the expansion we'd sacrifice our Artefact weapons. The rumour appears to be based in a developer statement according to which our characters would need to sacrifice something very important to them in order to prevail over the Legion. I'm not convinced of the existence of such a statement and didn't do research (lazy me).

Going By the Books

Published by Brunold on Do, 03/27/2014 - 20:55 in

Lore is something really important to me. In most cases it is, what I am paying for, when I buy a game. The lore of World of Warcraft is no exception for me, although a lot of other mechanisms come into play. There is a lot at odds with lore in Azeroth right now.

That should not be a surprise. For starters, the lore here is the lore of Warcraft, not just as an MMO, but as a franchise. It also includes books, three RTS-games and online short stories. The tasks of lore in WoW are complex. We have different worlds and planes, which the player should experience as one entity. The more the complexity of a system increases, the more the probability of mistakes increases.

But we can do better. There are a lot of things I dislike right now and things I need feedback for (because I am curious, you know?).