Why I Waited

Published by Brunold on So, 09/18/2016 - 02:40 in
A screenshot of Ysera, the Green Dragon Aspect, in Val'Sharah; there are Malfurion and my main, too, but they don't really matter

Yesterday I secured the Tear of Elune (or that's what I've been told – as if Dalaran was a safe places, it's basically at the centre of attention) and thereby unlocked World Quests. However, since I'm not done with Val'Sharah and haven't finished the Archaeology quest, they're still going to be neglected. So far even the Suramar quests appear to be of more interest to me. I did the first few of them and really like gathering all these people and exploring ruins together with them. Yet I do look forward to doing World Quests.

The Changes We Should Face

My character dancing in the lime light. Still purple transmog., fel-tinted glasses.

I sincerely believe that many people who give feedback currently are not interested in reason. I barely see someone getting his or her facts straight. To me, you don't even seem to care about anything but yourself. Otherwise I can't explain why you interpret a sentence, or a voiced line of thought, or outward appearance in the most negative possible way. The whole situation here is insane. For the most part, it lacks any interest in anyone who doesn't agree on your ideological line, no matter on which side of which topic you are, no matter if you consider yourself to be neutral.

Eine Ode an die Community

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Im Anschluss an den letzten Artikel möchte ich mich heute ein bisschen mit dem Einfluss World of Warcrafts auf die Menschheit beschäftigen. Genauer will ich heute frei zugestehen, dass ich kämpfe und versuche der aktuellen Expansion entsprechend zu zeigen, wofür es sich denn zu kämpfen lohnt. Meinem Eindruck nach werden viele derjenigen Spieler in den nächsten Jahren gehen, die seit langem, vielleicht sogar von Anfang an dabei waren. Dagegen wehre ich mich.