Burning Legions and Evolving Guilds

Published by Brunold on Do, 12/31/2015 - 18:56 in
A screenshot of Grom Hellscream's monument in Ashenvale, a fierce blue demon in the foreground, and Brunold, my  gnome mage to the monument's left

If you're looking for a review of 2015 in terms of WoW, you should probably read this. I do things my way and for this article that means looking forward to 2016 in the former half of this article and then roughly commenting on 2015 in the latter one.

The Current State of Raiding

Published by Brunold on Fr, 07/10/2015 - 21:51 in

In her latest Qtalk, Qelric claimed that raiding and questing were in good shape right now. On the other hand, Marathal wrote something that's closer to my perception of raiding. He didn't go as far as to stop killing world bosses and raiding, but he isn't enjoying it as much as he used to. On this topic, I want to elaborate today.

Scheiße auf gut Deutsch

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Ich entschuldige mich dafür, in einem primär deutschen Blog in den letzten Tagen sehr viel Englisches geschrieben zu haben. Dies habe ich getan, weil englische Texte sich über weniger Hürden an die verantwortlichen Entwickler weiterleiten lassen und ich davon ausgehe, dass zumindest die meisten meiner Leser dazu in der Lage sind, englischen Texten inhaltlich zu folgen. Das soll nicht arrogant klingen, ich stelle bloß fest, dass wir im Allgemeinen gezwungen sind, Englisch zu lernen.

About the shit that's going on

Not everything I am going to write has been completely thought through. I am trying to comprehend, what is bothering me and how it could be solved. For that reason I have to put it into words. Here is your chance to company me on my journey through some very complex topics. I will keep it very informal and that means: The article is about as NSFW as you can get. This will mostly be what pops up in my mind. You could say, it is a modified stream of consciousness.

So, the alpha patch notes...