Deathwing – Aspect of Arbitrarity

Published by Brunold on Fr, 06/06/2014 - 15:49 in

Der Kataklysmus hat das Antlitz Azeroths einschneidend verändert. Dem Intro zu Cata ist sogar zu entnehmen, dass Deathwing persönlich und direkt diese Veränderungen vorgenommen hat. Er hat seine Klauen in die Mauern Stormwinds gegraben, den Damm in Loch Modan zerstört und eine ewigglimmende Schneise im Ödland hinterlassen.

About the shit that's going on

Not everything I am going to write has been completely thought through. I am trying to comprehend, what is bothering me and how it could be solved. For that reason I have to put it into words. Here is your chance to company me on my journey through some very complex topics. I will keep it very informal and that means: The article is about as NSFW as you can get. This will mostly be what pops up in my mind. You could say, it is a modified stream of consciousness.

So, the alpha patch notes...