Community vs. Community

Players celebrating the Midsummer Festival and dancing around the Midsummer Festival tree

For many of you it's no secret that I'm no longer at peace with being a raider. Yet I am one. My motivation for it is clear: The people in this raid group are members of my guild and for some reason they want me to be part of it. They're good people (ah for God's sake, try not to hear that sentence in Trump's voice) and although the raid group is still one in the making, our evenings can be quite funny. The third source for my motivation is that I really like the raid instances Activision-Blizzard design.

The Reward You Deserve

Published by Brunold on Sa, 10/17/2015 - 20:46 in

There are some people arguing for raiders rightfully deserving the upcoming moose mount. My opinion on this is quite simple: For me, you destroyed a part of the game. Demand whatever reward you deem appropriate for that, because to me, they don't matter anymore. Have a nice day, everyone!

The Current State of Raiding

Published by Brunold on Fr, 07/10/2015 - 21:51 in

In her latest Qtalk, Qelric claimed that raiding and questing were in good shape right now. On the other hand, Marathal wrote something that's closer to my perception of raiding. He didn't go as far as to stop killing world bosses and raiding, but he isn't enjoying it as much as he used to. On this topic, I want to elaborate today.