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Published by Brunold on Do, 09/17/2015 - 19:48 in
screenshot of Ravenholdt, a lovely mansion in the Alterac mountains

Since Legion has been announced, the community and WoW's developers are engaged in a discussion about the rogue's future Class Hall. Locating it to Ravenholdt would've been the obvious move, but for some reasons, that wasn't the way, Blizzard's devs were going. The problem here's clearly that Ravenholdt is a well-established rogue's guild. Originally, there was a pseudo alternative to it, called the Syndicate, but as far as I know, there was no benefit to joining them other than the achievement.

What content?

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The notion of “open world“ doesn't seem to be clearly defined. The lack of a clear definition matters in this case. “Open world“ is often treated as synonymous to “sandbox style“. Sandbox style games are games in which the player influences her virtual surroundings, either by playing an avatar, whose actions alter said world, or directly, which is the case with the Sims-franchise or games that offer world editors. Sandbox style games then get contrasted with theme park games which offer a mostly static world. Both kinds of games can be open world games.