Community vs. Community

Players celebrating the Midsummer Festival and dancing around the Midsummer Festival tree

For many of you it's no secret that I'm no longer at peace with being a raider. Yet I am one. My motivation for it is clear: The people in this raid group are members of my guild and for some reason they want me to be part of it. They're good people (ah for God's sake, try not to hear that sentence in Trump's voice) and although the raid group is still one in the making, our evenings can be quite funny. The third source for my motivation is that I really like the raid instances Activision-Blizzard design.

Leading Dispersion

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Screenshot of our guild's mount parade during Winter's Veil celebration

Tomorrow I'll hopefully talk about the Call of the Scarab for a bit. Given the amount of people who didn't give a shit about the event, my voice apparently would contribute to an understanding of the diverse interests at play in World of Warcraft. But today's all about leadership, kicked off by Alt's blog post, and in a way a contribution to the series of blog posts about guilds I always wanted to continue.

Befriender of Beasts or Master of Wilds?

Some beast masters have some issues with how Beast Mastery turned out to work in the Legion Alpha. AlternativeChat currently tries to maintain the stance that it's Blizzard's task to set up class fantasies and in the end we have to adapt to that. There's a lot of truth to that and at least some of us need to get out of their comfort zone more often.

Warlords of Draenor – The Good Stuff

A shot of my Death Knight's garrison, in the center left a street light illuminating the way

I am a very gloomy person. Whenever possible, I create a dystopian scenario. In my opinion, far too many people see the world through rose-tinted glasses and therefore actually simply are blind to the suffering others have to endure. But – as the title indicates – today I want to look at the good stuff, which has to be maintained and built upon for improvement. Granted, I'm talking small-scale goodness here but you have to start somewhere and somebody cares about this game, which is all that counts for now.

What content?

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The notion of “open world“ doesn't seem to be clearly defined. The lack of a clear definition matters in this case. “Open world“ is often treated as synonymous to “sandbox style“. Sandbox style games are games in which the player influences her virtual surroundings, either by playing an avatar, whose actions alter said world, or directly, which is the case with the Sims-franchise or games that offer world editors. Sandbox style games then get contrasted with theme park games which offer a mostly static world. Both kinds of games can be open world games.

Deathwing – Aspect of Arbitrarity

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Der Kataklysmus hat das Antlitz Azeroths einschneidend verändert. Dem Intro zu Cata ist sogar zu entnehmen, dass Deathwing persönlich und direkt diese Veränderungen vorgenommen hat. Er hat seine Klauen in die Mauern Stormwinds gegraben, den Damm in Loch Modan zerstört und eine ewigglimmende Schneise im Ödland hinterlassen.

Einige grundlegende Reflexionen über das Wort "Sexismus"

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Nach den Ereignissen jüngere Zeit werde ich wohl nicht mehr erklären müssen, warum ich Blogeinträge zu Sexismus, Feminismus, Misogynie und Gleichbehandlung in einem World of Warcraft gewidmeten Blog veröffentliche. Der folgende Artikel liegt schon seit einiger Zeit auf meinem Rechner und entspringt unter anderem der Lektüre einiger Blogeinträge zu sexistischen Charakterdarstellungen in Superheldencomics.

Zugänglichkeit im LfR

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Neben dem vielen (hoffentlich gut begründeten) Blizzard-Bashing, das ich für gewöhnlich betreibe, möchte ich auch einige Analysen bieten und euch Leser für die Arbeit in der Spieleindustrie sensibilisieren. Nur wenn wir, die Spieler und die Entwickler, einander verstehen, können wir Verbesserungen sinnvoll vorschlagen und entwickeln.

Heute geht es um einen Aspekt des LfR-Tools. Das bedeutet auch, dass es mehrere Aspekte am LfR-Tool gibt, die beleuchtet werden können, womit dieses Tool komplex ist. Und komplexes Game-Design verführt dazu, Fehler zu machen.

About the shit that's going on

Not everything I am going to write has been completely thought through. I am trying to comprehend, what is bothering me and how it could be solved. For that reason I have to put it into words. Here is your chance to company me on my journey through some very complex topics. I will keep it very informal and that means: The article is about as NSFW as you can get. This will mostly be what pops up in my mind. You could say, it is a modified stream of consciousness.

So, the alpha patch notes...

Ein Beitrag zur Diskussion um den Level-Boost

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Obwohl ich in den kommenden Wochen noch viel über das Leveln, über Spielkomfort und Atmosphäre reden werde, möchte ich mich zum Stufe-90-Boost äußern, solange der noch aktuell ist. Dieser Bonus für die Warlords of Draenor-Expansion hat für viel Gesprächsstoff gesorgt und ich habe selbstverständlich meine eigene Meinung zu dem Ganzen. Was der Boost ist und wie ich darüber denke, erfahrt Ihr in den folgenden Abschnitten.