Why I Waited

Published by Brunold on So, 09/18/2016 - 02:40 in
A screenshot of Ysera, the Green Dragon Aspect, in Val'Sharah; there are Malfurion and my main, too, but they don't really matter

Yesterday I secured the Tear of Elune (or that's what I've been told – as if Dalaran was a safe places, it's basically at the centre of attention) and thereby unlocked World Quests. However, since I'm not done with Val'Sharah and haven't finished the Archaeology quest, they're still going to be neglected. So far even the Suramar quests appear to be of more interest to me. I did the first few of them and really like gathering all these people and exploring ruins together with them. Yet I do look forward to doing World Quests. Other than that, I spent over an hour looking for a dungeon group to do dungeons properly. And that's what I want to talk about today.

When I started playing WoW, things had been different but since after my first few random dungeon runs, I know I want to be in control of whom to play with. For me, random dungeon groups and many people I've met in this game are unpleasant to play with for an extended amount of time. These people have a strict schedule and me having fun seems to interfere with it. I want a dungeon run to be a lasting experience and not forgettable. This goes against the concept of a speed run that is applied to group finder dungeons and most dungeons in general by some silent consensus. Loot is the forgettable part for me. It only ever gains importance, if it's the one piece that enables me to overcome a hurdle, if it's a lore-heavy piece of gear, or if it's a drop from a boss encounter we troubled to deal with for weeks.

Instead I want to learn about the world I visit, or my class. I don't want to fear failure because hating it should be enough, and I'm not interested in excessive competition with other people. In the end I don't give a fuck who's leading the damage metre as long as that person isn't a total dicksplash. Yet, in all honesty that's how playing with people in WoW feels most of the time and I suppose that's why dungeon runs have such a bad reputation. But that's not how things have to be.

For a glorious moment when I was new to the game and the people in my raid group were new to the game, we could do very funny stuff, we would experiment and test the game's and our own limits, because we succeeded in establishing a safe space. For a moment it was just about being good and getting better, and about the fun a dungeon, any dungeon could offer. And that's why I play this game. That's why I waited for roughly one and a half hours without getting any measurable result. I tried. I'll try again. It would just be nice to get to that dungeon eventually.