Not that Kind of Person, Not that Kind of Game, Either

Missions are misplaced in this game. I don't feel connected to them and if I do them, I don't know why, other than that they're part of my order hall campaigns. As long as I didn't have a quest to do so, I didn't touch them, which means that when a quest came up, I needed to level my followers first before I could progress. Now, after a few very meaningless days in which I tried to level followers to 108 for the second round of missions, I'm pretty sure I'm done. I'm not the kind of person to stay in a city hub for long, anyway. The mission game is just too cumbersome for me if there's a virtual world to explore and it feels really detached from everything else. Even my quest giver gives a vibe of "Just do them already, don't ask why". These followers do exactly the same kind of things I do, so it's really difficult to accept that I can't do it myself. I'm not even sure that there's any sort of reward that would make me do this kind of content if even story fails to make me do it.Things would look different if there was character progression for my followers and if there was voice acting - if, in the end, this kind of content got the same treatment as everything else in this game. It would need to be more interactive in order to feel compelling, the followers should report their success or failure themselves. If it's part of my World of Warcraft (because apparently we're at a point at which people play their own little game in their cozy bubbles of isolation), it probably can't be an app (because apparently one can't reproduce WoW on a mobile phone). If it's an app, I won't see content related to it ever again. There's more than enough other content to keep me occupied in Legion. I just doubt that order hall campaigns and the Karazhan dungeon were supposed to be a hidden gem.