Of a Gnome, Who Took it Easy

Screenshot taken in Suramar, of a road ending at the horizon, leading through a forest of autumn-leaved trees

I started to add my voice to the noisy stream of feedback excreted from our community and now I feel obliged to continue doing so. At the moment that's not an easy task because I'm really enjoying the new expansion which is partly due to the way I chose to play this expansion. The last few years (since I had my break in January '13) have been a lot of navel-gazing about what I'm expecting from a video game, what should and could be expected, and things like that. It is this which makes me suspicious of the claim some people make, that they knew perfectly well what they're playing for and what a game should be like.

Anyway, a few days ago one of my professions quests sent me to Highmountain. Prior to that I had chosen to start doing quests in Azsuna (which currently is my favourite zone) which means that I had no activated flight paths anywhere else. And so I took on a journey nearly across all of the Broken Isles (at some point I actually snook around in Suramar for another profession-related quest) and that was brilliant. I tried to stay on the roads as much as possible but nevertheless got distracted by fishing ponds, nodes of ore, and raremobs. It was during this time that I noticed just how easy raising your fishing skill could be in Legion – although there's probably a lot left for me to find out about that profession. The different kinds of bait one can find while fishing seem to add to the pastime's flavour. Some of them trigger some kinds of event although it remains to be seen exactly how big those events could get. Then in Highmountain I slowfalled into an apparently cursed village I clearly wasn't meant to land in. My combat skills weren't of any use there, that much was clear. And so I did the smartest thing available to me and ran – surprisingly successful. Slowly the landscape began to change from a coastal region to a mountainous one. I crossed more settlements, some of which were inhabited by hostile Drogbar, and I had to find my way through tunnels. In there, treasures awaited me, if I was lucky – murderous beasts, if I was not. Then, in the snowy peaks of Highmountain I finally found my destination.

On the way back I sumbled upon the corpse of a young lady in Val'sharah, which prompted me to visit a certain Gilnean village and suddenly I found myself doing what apparently was a side-quest-chain because I'm still at zero finished chapters there.

I think, this is how it looks like when a virtual world is at its strongest – when it gets depth in unexpected places, and makes the travel from point A to point B at least potentially interesting instead of removing it. Because the virtual world exists for us to travel across. If it was just there for us to look at it, it would be a slideshow, not a game.