Fight the Legion, not Me!

A screenshot of the demon invasion in Dun Morogh; my character in a gnomish vehicle, fel-green meteors raining from a space ship

Since the pre-expansion-event started, I've voiced my discomfort regarding maybe not the largest part of the community, but the loudest and least avoidable. I can't shut up about it because there'd be no place for me in a community like this. So here is what bothers me in a nut shell: Very mouthy, very dominant people have lost the fun in playing the game, became incredibly material and superficial, and apparently can't be bothered by anything other than immediate, solid reward anymore. It doesn't matter in which way you rally people up against the game: Be it by suggesting to play an empty shell of the game on private servers (and yes, it is one – it lacks important core aspects like an ongoing world, or the community you claim to love so much), by advertising add-ons that go around a very clearly intentional change in game design and makes addressing serious health issues unnecessarily more difficult, or by visibly exploiting an event. If at some point you started to detest this piece of art (because indifferent to its quality it is intentional, unique, and gives people opportunity to question their place in life – all of which are some of the more important features of art) so much, why didn't you stop playing? And if you didn't detest the game, how couly you treat it and its players this way, this inconsiderate?

None of you (and that very much includes the people ganking others instead of fighting back the Legion, although it's hardly aimed just at them) can take the event as what it very obviously is: An invasion by the Burning Legion. Yes, palyers can screw you over in your city hubs because they got an opportunity to play a member of the Legion and that's undeniably what the Legion does. That's why we'll have this expansion in the first place. And no, it's not because wah-wah-money – that's why Activision-Blizzard will have the expansion, and we are not Acti-Blizz. We are the people who want to see Sargeras and the Emerald Dream, who want to know where the Horde will stand twenty years from now. We're not the people who worried about how much money Wrath of the Lich King would bring in, but those who conquered Northrend http://genericoitalia.it/. That's how they got us (admittedly not all and every one of us) to buy into any interation of the game. Go out there, pat the dust off your robes after you got killed, and face the Burning Legion again. In the name of Azeroth!