The Changes We Should Face

My character dancing in the lime light. Still purple transmog., fel-tinted glasses.

I sincerely believe that many people who give feedback currently are not interested in reason. I barely see someone getting his or her facts straight. To me, you don't even seem to care about anything but yourself. Otherwise I can't explain why you interpret a sentence, or a voiced line of thought, or outward appearance in the most negative possible way. The whole situation here is insane. For the most part, it lacks any interest in anyone who doesn't agree on your ideological line, no matter on which side of which topic you are, no matter if you consider yourself to be neutral. There are exceptions but they are very, very singular. You're worshipping a guy who basically said: “Look at Blizzard and how incompetent they are and how they lied in every sentence they wrote. By the way, I'm totally best buds with them, they'll listen to me.” This guy may sometimes say something true, but you'll never know because he frequently fucks credibility. Would you call someone a friend who'd publicly speak about you this way? Would you act this way towards people whom you actually consider friends? And that's not all. He voluntarily opens up a dichotomy between game developers and gamers (made popular by/during Gamergate) and puts himself confidently in the latter camp as if it was the most logical choice for an ex-WoW-dev to make.

On another note, it's quite a stretch to interpret “You don't want to do that, either. You think you do, but you don't” as “all gamers are stupid and only Activision-Blizzard developers are geniuses”. In this case, it's hardly possible to assume anything but malicious intent of those who interpret it that way. It wouldn't even make logical sense to believe that only them were geniuses, since they theoretically could change their employer at any time. IF you thought, they'd be dumb enough to comit to that fallcy, you'd have trouble explaining the success of WoW (and Activision-Blizzard as a whole) indeed. Maybe your hurt feelings regarding legacy servers. I've been there. I let my feelings taint my judgement (still happens) and I'm not proud of it because in the end,someone else always gets hurt.

Then there are people who try to get me on their side for agreeing on something. For me, it isn't really about choosing sides in the first place, so that's not going to happen. I don't want to win and I dislike that you do so. Even more so since you tried to force your opinion upon me instead of trying to find a truly good solution. As noted previously, I have a problem with force.

Lastly, I want to address those who give Legion's existence as a reason for demanding Vanilla servers: Bullshit. Yup, that's bullshit and I assume you deep down you know that. Legion, you remember, is the expansion that's going to bring back class quests. They weren't the peak of quest design back in Vanilla so you can't fear they'd disappoint you more than they did back then. You do remember having to capture voidwalkers ("mana ghosts"?) in Stormwind just because reasons, do you? Then, Legion's a grounded expansion (initially, don't get started, I'll do that in a moment) just like Vanilla WoW. But you consider creative environmental design hoops now. Well, I can't help you with that. But since I consider me an artists myself, I hereby inform you about my disappointment towards your lack of tolerance regarding creativity and imagination Spires of Arak offered puzzles for you to get from A to B but congrats, you like linear game play. I hope you never argued for non-linear gameplay. And on a more general note I hope nobody who wants Vanilla servers because of the awesome gameplay they offered is also arguing for flight in 7.0. But more on your contempt of artistic freedom in a later blog post.

Legion's also going to do away with orc-centred story telling. Yes, spoilers, I'm sorry. the expansion needs to be sold to us, so something has to be said about the story (if it's important at all, which it is). But that's all I can spoil anyway: You won't spend much time thinking about orcs. Gul'dan being an exception of course, but even then, I can't imagine him to be more than a cog to set up truly important events. In this regard, there is no way, no way, NO WAY you could confidently say they didn't listen to feedback. You're just pissed that they didn't obey you at this point. You think they should and you're wrong. No reasons here, I'll save that for another post, as I said. Maybe you didn't care for the story or for who dominates it. Even then, it appears to me, there'd be plenty of evidence that a portion of the player base was less-than-satisfied with orcs being in the lime light. There were also hints that someone at Activision-Blizzard wanted to tell a lot about orcs, although in my mind it's debatable how strong they are, especially since we once thought Activision was biased in favour of the Alliance. So, they probably changed and there definitely was feedback in favour of doing so. It is at least very likely to conclude that they changed based on this feedback (unless you deny causality, in which case all of this would seem pointless to you anyway, since there was no such thing as feedback).

They're bringing talents back and in the same move present us the Path of Titans. You may say, that those two things were in fact the same, and guess what? That's why the devs scrapped the feature while developing Cataclysm. We get the Emerald Dream, the Tomb of Sargeras, Demon Hunters, and lots and lots of Sylvannas - all of which are things we wanted for as long as I'm playing this game. Not everyone, and not everyone who wanted one of these things wanted all of the others but that's exactly what it means when people say "It's not about you".

There's also the fact that we all - even the devs themselves - don't know how much fun Legion actually will be. It's not released, some pieces may still be missing (not up-to-date on that, not a dev), and we definitely can't say how tiresome two or three monts of this end content will feel. Plus, some of us will enjoy leveling several alts through the class quests and I for one hope that won't be done in a couple of hours. At this point, even with Alpha being tested for months, nobody has actually played the game. If you think, Legion was a good reason to rub in Activision-Blizzard's devs' faces that your unhappy with how little they care about the player base, you're selfishness personified.

I am completely aware that I'm generating traffic for institutions that in the opinion of some shouldn't get traffic (myself included to a degree). But 1) I believe in a free flow of information and 2) you clicked it (well, I probably did it more often for research, but eh).

My sincerest apologies go to all those people I can't apologise to. I perceive it to be a central problem that some people just don't feel addressed. If you don't constantly worry about what people think about you and if you don't worry about hurting the wrong people, if you don't wonder what the hell you're missing in all of this, if you don't suspect you're completely wrong, then yes, I'm addressing you. I even feel obliged to address people who feel all sorts of insecurities and chose a roundabout method in dealing with it. For that I'm sorry, too. Hopefully you understood that I myself am worried.

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