It's Spring

Published by Brunold on Di, 04/12/2016 - 20:14 in
Gnomeregan, lots of technology, exaggerated and funny, very Warcraft

Today is Gnomeregan weather. Since you don't know what weather it is and maybe don't even understand what weather and an instance in World of Warcraft had to do with each other, I probably should explain that. As a bonus, the post will side-tackle Vanilla servers and nostalgia.

The connections are quite simple in fact. I started playing WoW in March 2010 and so it still was spring, when I stepped into Gnomeregan for the first time. Or times. I don't really remember every single run, but when I smelled the air today coming in through an open window I was reminded of that time. For whatever reason (probably the weather was nice when I did most of my Gnomeregan runs) my mind connects nice, a tad windy, yet warm and sunny weather to going to Gnomeregan. I smell it and memories get triggered.

One of the many things I love about Gnomeregan (with being my main's capital city and all) is the feeling of recovering the technological miracles we gnomes had to leave behind. That's one thing which made Vanilla what it was and which should return to the game. Looting schematics for titanic gadgets would be even better, or schematics from whatever culture we encounter. I like how there were so many engineering and blacksmithing blueprints in Blackrock Depths which were related to the Darkiron dwarves. Not making them BoP would support people who mainly want to do their professions and haven't that much interest in visiting dungeons and for those who collected amounts and amounts of repair costs, it would be a nice income. On the other hand, who wouldn't want to see the wonder that is Gnomeregan as an engineer find on this page? Who wouldn't want to dig in Uldaman as an archaeologist?

But since it's a change back towards Vanilla design, it would consume some time and not be achievable for everyone. People currently expect all their needed blueprints, schematics and recipes to get handed by one single trader. I think, this whole time-thing's really getting out of control. We're more or less at a point where people demand WoW to take less than three hours a week but all of this is a matter of perspective in a way. If you can't find three hours a week to play the game, you probably don't really want to play this game in the first place. And there's a lot you could achieve in three hours a week, just not everything. Three consecutive hours a week would be enough to start raiding, for example. Progress would be slow but that's what challenging content means. I don't even get why people should spend that much money on something that'd occupy them for less than three hours a week and therefore I think most people who buy this game are prepared to invest themselves in it. To what degree, that's flexible because you don't need to get everything. With whatever content drought, there was never a time when I got everything I wanted to achieve. Most importantly, I didn't get to kill that Deathwing bitch on heroic before it got nerfed. Or Nefarian, for whom we can't even reverse the nerf.