Rules and the Need to Act Accordingly

Published by Brunold on Sa, 03/05/2016 - 17:56 in
Aerie Peak

Today my exploration of, and elaboration on guilds will continue. While the last post was more of a statement I made, this time I am going to merely highlight a conflict that's central to my everyday life as a guild leader. As you've seen I can advocate for setting up rules. At the same time, I don't really like them.

For starters, I question the value of setting up rules. Bluntly spoken, needing to follow a rule doesn't change your mind. You shouldn't be nice to a person because being cruel to her was against the law. Especially in my guild, you should be nice to her because she' a fellow person (yes, person. I'm alien-friendly). That means, in philosophical terms, for me the intention of an act is important. At least ideally you should be able to fully support what you're doing and that means doing it intentionally. This also puts me in some sort of an anti-authorian corner. Not a good corner for a guild leader kamagrastores.net.

Second, rules make a guild look intimidating. If you're looking for a finde guild you're probably not looking for a list of 90 rules. One reason I avoided professional guilds when I began playing WoW was that they appeared to take everything so fucking serious. Their members seemed to spend hours on making sure they wouldn't break any rules before they felt confident enough to log in on their character. Despite everything I experienced for the last six years online and offline, I think I still generally hold this position.

At this point, the "but" gets its turn. But there are some rules in my guild. Rules can guide people in making their first in-game experiences. They can help set the tone of your guild and offer something you and your members can refer to, if one guild member's actions get questioned. I want people in my guild to feel save and rules appear to be essential to that. On the other hand, if rules get out of hand, people will start to feel insecure and definitely unsafe. At the moment, my guild's rules are set up as guide lines and more of something people in ranks of responsibility need to agree upon and not everybody in my guild. It's a sign, that we try to support co-operative play, that we try to preserve immersion in and amazement for the game.