How a Guild Can Encourage Enchantment

Published by Brunold on Mi, 03/02/2016 - 21:19 in
My Pandaren Monk in Winterspring, a curve in the road between some snowy hills. What's hidden at its end?

I put many hours into this blog post, mostly because there's a lot I need to say about guilds. Before I settled on this one, there were many attempts, all exploring different aspects of the topic. But then, a few days ago, Marathal wrote about how WoW got us enchanted and about a desire for exploration, and that's when I knew where I want to start.

There are many reasons for why guilds are important and why you should put serious effort in deciding on which guilld to join. One of them how deeply a guild can and probably will affect your way of playing World of Warcraft. A guild can for example decide to counter Marathal's worries if they want to. Getting disenchanted with WoW is a process that involves regular abortion of in-game cinematics, speed-reading quests while playing in a group, dropping personal preferences in favour of supporting one's raid group, and even using DBM. In theory, a guild could be built around the goal to avoide disenchantment. We could swear an oath to do dungeons properly - which can come in varying degrees for different guilds. There are people who'd value seeing the complete dungeon more than the gear it rewards, they just may have problems to get organised which could be a blog post for another day.

As a guild we can write down rules for preserving the initial amazement of WoW, and explain to our members, how the cutscenes in a dungeon exist to create a certain mood. We can keep in mind, that there very well may be new players in our dungeon group who don't understands what's going on and who may stop caring for these things, if we showed them how fast they could get oh so much shiny loot (that actually is completely pointless). And this is kind of where my own guild's going to.