On Deserving to Play Dual-Spec in Legion

Published by Brunold on Sa, 02/13/2016 - 20:02 in
A screenshot of fire mage talents, how they've been in Warlords of Draenor. In German, since I'm using the German client.

This is a follow-up to my last article. There are people who bought dual-spec back when it cost 1,000 gold and that amount wasn't easy to earn. There are also people, who bought TBC and argue that therefore they paid to get a feature that's going to be taken away from them. Of course, there's some force to both of these arguments. But neither of them is as strong as it initially may appear.

First of all, having spent that amount of gold ten years ago doesn't affect you in any significant way anymore. You got that benefit back when you needed it. And back in TBC there hadn't really been many alternatives in spending gold. Most likely you spent the amount of gold on getting your second spec and delayed getting epic flying for that. Today you have both benefits and probably more than 4,000 gold on your account. Second, an additional spec is not needed for playing this game, so it's possible to adjust to this change. Third, if needed, you can always level alts. Yes, Blizzard can make you level alts, because leveling is part of the game you bought. for many people, it is all there is to World of Warcraft or any other RPG. And fourth, today you would barely notice the amount of gold for which you once had to do (mildly) hard work.

Now let's move on to the "real money" argument. At first, it may seem to be especially strong because well, you paid for a feature and suddenly Blizzard are stealing it from you. Don't they remove a part of the game you bought? No, in some way they don't. Presumably, you paid for new content and new goals to achieve. Removing dual-spec doesn't change that. Having dual-spec today doesn't add any content of itself, neither does it add play time. On the contrary, removing dual-spec makes leveling alts - and therefore adding play time - a little more attractive. Admittedly, it's acutally just a little but I think, that's mostly because, Blizzard, leveling needs more love. The second counter argument is that expansions diminish legacy content in many ways anyway. If you'd bought the right to use dual-spec, you could as well argue that you bought a right to be max level, which would get taken away from you every expansion. Adding new and stronger mobs means making your current gear less valuable. Then we could say, that in the end everything Blizzard does was absolutely fucked up - except that's simply not what playing WoW is about.