The Influence of Blogging

Published by Brunold on Di, 02/09/2016 - 15:41 in

AlternativeChat's celebrating seven years of blogging this month, and while I suck at taking screenshots (of moments that I deem to be of any emotional significance at least), there's something I want to contribute and that's this blog post.

It's been almost two years ago, when I stumbled upon her blog and since then she had a lot of influence on me. First of all, it's very likely that I'm still writing on this blog today because of her encouragement. One of my first interactions with her immediately made it into a blog post of hers, and since then the topic I spoke about in that tweet became a central point of how I think about World of Warcraft. It's also partly her who's to blame for me returning to WoW and being a problem once more (by the way, I agree on me being a problem but not necessarily the way it's painted there to which I might have some objections). Often, she comments on stuff that happens at the fringes of World of Warcraft, less about the game itself and more about social interactions or its business perspective, and I like that very much. This fringe-y spot is where one actually starts to think about what one is doing, about his or her own influence on the game. One may criticise her on her hard-to-grasp perspective on WoW (and I can tell you, people did), but I find that attractive. It's a sign of questioning your own beliefs and doing so consistently, and that's what we all should do. One day, she may blame faulty design in WoW, the next day she may try to explain why it makes perfect sense from some part of the playerbase's point of view. In my opinion, her blog's a worthy challenger of one's beliefs.

Like myself she sees Azeroth as a magic virtual world and appreciates it for its ability to meet other players. For her, its strength lies in an option to play together instead of isolated or in competition to others. Like me, she used to raid seriously and turned her back on it and has some experience in leading a guild. Very much unlike me, she's a rather well-informed and experienced woman, who could teach me a lot about gaming and its evolution. After all, she's been there from the very beginning. Plus, she's also from Dun Morogh.

She's a daily influence on how I lead my guild and on working out what I want my guild to be. Without her, this guild wouldn't exist.

And by the way, if you think, she was pretentious or some such thing, I don't have time for you and you're on your own.