About the shit that's going on

Not everything I am going to write has been completely thought through. I am trying to comprehend, what is bothering me and how it could be solved. For that reason I have to put it into words. Here is your chance to company me on my journey through some very complex topics. I will keep it very informal and that means: The article is about as NSFW as you can get. This will mostly be what pops up in my mind. You could say, it is a modified stream of consciousness.

So, the alpha patch notes...

Look, I went completely enrage on them. Blizzard loves emotional engagement because that is what fanboys do. Boy, they did get some emotions. I am close to saying, that the game is ruined. A sinking ship. Gone. And that means something. Generally I try to keep calm and be rational because being rational means being able to help. Therefore right now, I am kind of lost. That is the reason for these writings. Disorientation. I am a guy who enjoys raids, RP and the Warcraft franchise. A game, which managed to offer great experience in all of these aspects, would be great. But I am pretty pissed right now. Take a look at those patch notes...

Being a low level had no bad side effects in ES: Skyrim. I have a slowing fire spell now, because fire slows people, right? Fuck you, game play, fuck you. The more counter-intuitive you get, the more you have to explain. So go for it. I don't see anything on that at the moment. „Alter time“ doesn't alter time any more. So. Why. Keep. It? I have written something about pvp lately and this is exactly what I complained about. I actually don't know, if fireball is able to slow now, I'm not in for accuracy here. It doesn't matter, which cast of the fire tree does what once had been an intuitive effect of frostbolts.

In a certain sense it doesn't matter, if my fireball does more damage than my pyroblast. The patch notes aren't bad in themselves. I like, that fire mages, frost mages and arcanemages get more themed. Their aoes felt pretty interchangeable. Sure, arcane explosion was an instant cast, whereas a blizzard had to be channelled and did damage over time and flamestrike had cast time, while it also added a DoT to its targets. But in the end you went with whatever AoE ability was superior at that time. I wanted to use flamestrike simply for design reasons. It looked like fire and worked like fire, in my opinion. Blizzard on the other hand felt too slow for my fire mage. I have to read stuff like, „we want you to play that rotation“, I then want to ask (and I am asking), „Why don’t you just play the game instead of me?“. „I get, that I am not your target audience“, I want to scream. But it's not that easy. I get that it is complicated. But I'm trying to work out my problems.

Somewhere they said, the new Draenor perks are designed for guiding us to change our rotation. I'm sick of feeling guided, directed or pushed. These changes seem to be aimed at either progress raiding or pvp. I am neither and I'm done with that shit. I like challenges but these patch notes aren't what I'm looking for. The guild Dream Paragon sometimes blogs about progressing. They talk about creativity, about wishing to fight bosses, the developers didn't design to be killed. I can relate to that. Real obstacles test your intelligence. We want our intelligence to be tested, not our ability to follow orders. WoD is an expansion, that won't be designed for people who wish to play in Azeroth. There are a lot of pve-related changes in WoD. Blizzard is going to present us with housing, flex raids will be more integrated and the highest raid difficulty will get a revamp. Questing in WoD won't be the same as before. But it seems like we are going to spend a lot of time with garrisons. Astonishingly, that is something bad. Do you remember how we did dailies and hundreds of dungeon finder-runs? Garrisons seem to be the same all over again. If we're not doing pvp or raids (or pet battles) we will sit there and do garrison related stuff day in and day out. Garrisons are a feature I like to have, but they aren't what I want to do in WoW. I don't know for sure, but I think it's not too far fetched. So garrisons may have to be integrated into Draenor. How would you do that? They should have to be either a significant thing, in which case some lore should be happening afterwards. Or they should be some quality of life-change. In both cases you don't have to work on garrisons.

We have to get rid of the assumption that everything important should be rewarded with gear. In my opinion a nice chunk of lore beats gear any day. You also don't have to connect every lore heavy part with gear. Often enough we're glad to have anything to progress on.

Pets and mounts are not important. I still can't believe I'm writing this. Back in Cata I thought, mounts and pets were the way to go for rewards. Quest rewards, achievement rewards, everything. But as of now pets and mounts are used to distract players.

Some moments ago, I've written that currently I seem to have more faith in the Warcraft franchise than the WoW developer staff has. I can accept that I have to sacrifice something, if I want to play an MMO. The game designers don't just have to integrate my character into the world, but six million other player characters too. One step in that direction would be to stop calling me the chosen one. I can be chosen for one thing, but not for everything, because that lets NPCs look like complete idiots.

If you want to do something brainless, you go fishing. Blizzard doesn't have to offer all this quest tracking. If exploration is a core part of the game, then Blizzard is playing the game for you as soon as they offer a quest tracking system.

What Blizzard can't do, compared to ES: Skyrim, is having quest givers walk over to you, if a quest gets unlocked on them. So maybe we need these big, glowing exclamation marks. Like I said, these are my thoughts as they come to my mind.

The class changes are designed for some minor parts of the player base. I still can't believe that pvp is fun, if its isolated from everything else. It should be fun, because it is pvp in azeroth. It's not just pvp, just-pvp is not where you can make a difference. If everyone across all games had only one healing and one damaging ability, which would work exactly identical across all games, there would be no differences.

I'm going to stir up everything, to turn it upside down. I'm thinking and analysing and trying to open up your eyes, because I want to play an MMO set in Azeroth. There has to be significance in professions and awareness within our community. We have to help other people see content they otherwise don't have the ability to see (our failing in doing so led to the stupid LfR-tool). LfR is an award for the WoW community. And its inscription reads “Thanks for not caring for non raiding players for the last seven years”. Well done. Okay, that's kind of unfair, but it's kind of right. LfR makes raid content accessible for non-raiders. And at least some non-raiders simply aren't raiding because there exist a lot of misconceptions. The latest one is, that you always have to go LfR, then flex, then normal, then heroic. Another one is that damage output were more important than going out of the Bad. The third one is, that it were completely obvious for every non-raider that needing addons like DBM was a sign of player skill. I mean, what's skillful in needing a timer to avoid damage at all? In a certain way a, a way most new players look at the game, we need DBM because we suck at playing. In another way raiding isn't about reaction times, but about careful planning. But that's not the way Blizzard intended us to raid, so we developed DBM. I suck at hitting keys fast, so I don't think of it as being important. If I would, I would stop playing games. I want to use my brain, not blindly hope my body does the right things.

Here is something that bothers me about Paragon: Why don't they concentrate on being the first group with a certain set-up to clear a raid first? Okay, one thing may be, that you want competition, if you wish to improve in playing. The more different set-ups you have, the less competition you get, because every set-up has its own raiding condition. I tend to like progress raiding. Yes, I want to be a good mage and maybe one of the best. But that's it, I want to be a good mage and not a good whatever-the-raid-needs-right-now-for-being-first. Furthermore, I have been a guild leader and a raid leader (sort of) and I don't want to say to anybody "yeah, we don't need your class today, stay at home." I don't know, progress raiders, I don't know, who's justified in getting everything he demands. I think, it's okay to have one raid that's simply not accessible without, let's say a druid. But there has to be an alternative. I also think, it's okay for hardcore raider to have stuff like Ra-Den and Sinestra, some lore pieces for which you are envied by people like me.

Well, that's it for now. Half-cooked thoughts, but you know, it's complicated. I want different things. I want all of them. Please feel free to comment and discuss, it's the only hope I've left.