Gilde - Hinter dem Vorhang

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Was die Gilde sein soll

Die Gilde soll inklusiv sein. Daraus folgt, dass exkludierende Spieler und Handlungen ausgeschlossen werden. Die Kernmitglieder meiner Gilde sollen akzeptieren, dass das Spiel sich nicht nur um ihren persönlichen Spielspaß dreht, und sie haben interesse daran, das Spiel für bestimmte Spielergruppen angenehmer zu machen. Bestimmte Gesellschaftsgruppen - z. B. Homosexuelle, Frauen, Farbige oder aktuell syrische Flüchtlinge - ziehen es oft vor, wegen gesellschaftlichem "Backlash" anonym zu spielen. Unsere Gilde arbeitet darauf hin, diese Umstände zu entproblematisieren. Wenn Menschen sich von bestimmten Äußerungen oder Handlungen angegriffen fühlen, werden wir versuchen, dafür eine Lösung zu finden. Wir reden allerdings grundsätzlich auch erstmal, wie uns der Schnabel gewachsen ist.

On Deserving to Play Dual-Spec in Legion

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A screenshot of fire mage talents, how they've been in Warlords of Draenor. In German, since I'm using the German client.

This is a follow-up to my last article. There are people who bought dual-spec back when it cost 1,000 gold and that amount wasn't easy to earn. There are also people, who bought TBC and argue that therefore they paid to get a feature that's going to be taken away from them. Of course, there's some force to both of these arguments. But neither of them is as strong as it initially may appear.

The Case of the 100 Gold Talent Switch

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Your daily reminder that dark nights are important, Stormwind by night

Currently in the Alpha, there is a price tag to switching talent specialisations. For now, it is set at 100 gold per switch (i. e. in my case for switching from fire to arcane or frost, and not back to fire). As always, people whine and they complain. Where do I stand on that topic?

The Influence of Blogging

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AlternativeChat's celebrating seven years of blogging this month, and while I suck at taking screenshots (of moments that I deem to be of any emotional significance at least), there's something I want to contribute and that's this blog post.

Warlords of Draenor – The Good Stuff

A shot of my Death Knight's garrison, in the center left a street light illuminating the way

I am a very gloomy person. Whenever possible, I create a dystopian scenario. In my opinion, far too many people see the world through rose-tinted glasses and therefore actually simply are blind to the suffering others have to endure. But – as the title indicates – today I want to look at the good stuff, which has to be maintained and built upon for improvement. Granted, I'm talking small-scale goodness here but you have to start somewhere and somebody cares about this game, which is all that counts for now.

Burning Legions and Evolving Guilds

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A screenshot of Grom Hellscream's monument in Ashenvale, a fierce blue demon in the foreground, and Brunold, my  gnome mage to the monument's left

If you're looking for a review of 2015 in terms of WoW, you should probably read this. I do things my way and for this article that means looking forward to 2016 in the former half of this article and then roughly commenting on 2015 in the latter one.

A Quick Look at Current Concerns

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Zones that can be done in any different order are not developed to counter the feeling of a disjoint game, which apparently isn't something many people care about anyway. But I do and that's simply because it's the way entertainment worked for thousands of years. We want to dive into worlds, no matter whether it's the mythical world of Odysseus, the legendary kingdom of Arthur or a world of crime investigated by Sherlock Holmes. For the same time-span, of course, there are those who criticise people for wanting to tell a story.

The Reward You Deserve

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There are some people arguing for raiders rightfully deserving the upcoming moose mount. My opinion on this is quite simple: For me, you destroyed a part of the game. Demand whatever reward you deem appropriate for that, because to me, they don't matter anymore. Have a nice day, everyone!


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screenshot of Ravenholdt, a lovely mansion in the Alterac mountains

Since Legion has been announced, the community and WoW's developers are engaged in a discussion about the rogue's future Class Hall. Locating it to Ravenholdt would've been the obvious move, but for some reasons, that wasn't the way, Blizzard's devs were going. The problem here's clearly that Ravenholdt is a well-established rogue's guild. Originally, there was a pseudo alternative to it, called the Syndicate, but as far as I know, there was no benefit to joining them other than the achievement.

The Current State of Raiding

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In her latest Qtalk, Qelric claimed that raiding and questing were in good shape right now. On the other hand, Marathal wrote something that's closer to my perception of raiding. He didn't go as far as to stop killing world bosses and raiding, but he isn't enjoying it as much as he used to. On this topic, I want to elaborate today.