Expectations and Beginnings

Unrelated screenshot of my Dwarven mage alt facing Duskwood; a long, straight way framed by dark, winded trees

There's a discussion of sorts (or a sequence of monologues) going on about what one could expect his or her fellow players to know about the game they play, games in general, roles and abilities, and so

The Changes We Should Face

My character dancing in the lime light. Still purple transmog., fel-tinted glasses.

I sincerely believe that many people who give feedback currently are not interested in reason. I barely see someone getting his or her facts straight. To me, you don't even seem to care about anything but yourself. Otherwise I can't explain why you interpret a sentence, or a voiced line of thought, or outward appearance in the most negative possible way. The whole situation here is insane. For the most part, it lacks any interest in anyone who doesn't agree on your ideological line, no matter on which side of which topic you are, no matter if you consider yourself to be neutral.

Behold the Wrath of Percentaged Stats

Stats in Action, screenshot of then 10th anniversary molten core raid

Do I get stats? Do I not get stats? Do I need to put that label upon myself? No, I don't and that's why this post won't be short form.

I like what stats do and I like to play with them, none of this would get restricted with the UI changes. I like an Acrobatics stat that enables me to jump higher and longer distances, I like Dexterity that makes my character react faster, and Intelligence that enlightens the mystery of the Arcane Plane to my character.

It's Spring

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Gnomeregan, lots of technology, exaggerated and funny, very Warcraft

Today is Gnomeregan weather. Since you don't know what weather it is and maybe don't even understand what weather and an instance in World of Warcraft had to do with each other, I probably should explain that. As a bonus, the post will side-tackle Vanilla servers and nostalgia.

Rules and the Need to Act Accordingly

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Aerie Peak

Today my exploration of, and elaboration on guilds will continue. While the last post was more of a statement I made, this time I am going to merely highlight a conflict that's central to my everyday life as a guild leader. As you've seen I can advocate for setting up rules. At the same time, I don't really like them.

How a Guild Can Encourage Enchantment

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My Pandaren Monk in Winterspring, a curve in the road between some snowy hills. What's hidden at its end?

I put many hours into this blog post, mostly because there's a lot I need to say about guilds. Before I settled on this one, there were many attempts, all exploring different aspects of the topic. But then, a few days ago, Marathal wrote about how WoW got us enchanted and about a desire for exploration, and that's when I knew where I want to start.

Befriender of Beasts or Master of Wilds?

Some beast masters have some issues with how Beast Mastery turned out to work in the Legion Alpha. AlternativeChat currently tries to maintain the stance that it's Blizzard's task to set up class fantasies and in the end we have to adapt to that. There's a lot of truth to that and at least some of us need to get out of their comfort zone more often.

The Day I Scrapped Everything

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An absolutely beautiful, energetic screenshot of my engineer working in Stormshield

Okay, so I had plans, detailed, indepths plans for talking about guilds today, because they're important, more important than you might expect. But then, somewhere between midnight and now I chose to delay those plans, hence the title. Instead I'll be talking atmosphere (most likely again, if you ever talked to me).

Gilde - Hinter dem Vorhang

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Was die Gilde sein soll

Die Gilde soll inklusiv sein. Daraus folgt, dass exkludierende Spieler und Handlungen ausgeschlossen werden. Die Kernmitglieder meiner Gilde sollen akzeptieren, dass das Spiel sich nicht nur um ihren persönlichen Spielspaß dreht, und sie haben interesse daran, das Spiel für bestimmte Spielergruppen angenehmer zu machen. Bestimmte Gesellschaftsgruppen - z. B. Homosexuelle, Frauen, Farbige oder aktuell syrische Flüchtlinge - ziehen es oft vor, wegen gesellschaftlichem "Backlash" anonym zu spielen. Unsere Gilde arbeitet darauf hin, diese Umstände zu entproblematisieren. Wenn Menschen sich von bestimmten Äußerungen oder Handlungen angegriffen fühlen, werden wir versuchen, dafür eine Lösung zu finden. Wir reden allerdings grundsätzlich auch erstmal, wie uns der Schnabel gewachsen ist.

On Deserving to Play Dual-Spec in Legion

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A screenshot of fire mage talents, how they've been in Warlords of Draenor. In German, since I'm using the German client.

This is a follow-up to my last article. There are people who bought dual-spec back when it cost 1,000 gold and that amount wasn't easy to earn. There are also people, who bought TBC and argue that therefore they paid to get a feature that's going to be taken away from them. Of course, there's some force to both of these arguments. But neither of them is as strong as it initially may appear.